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Workout Wednesday

First I have to say that I have been having a serious spam issue on my blog.  It is so annoying.  I have gotten over 50 spam comments in the past 24 hours that are entire paragraphs in length and are so ridiculous.  Who has the time to come up with these comments and post them on blogs?  I know it is probably an automated thing, but it is such a waste of time on everyone’s part.  I usually know the comments are spam just from the names.  Wisemme, Hanafi, Rupesh, Olga, Serega,  just to name a few.  I added a new plugin to decrease spam, so I am hoping it works.  It is so frustrating to wake up in the morning and see 25 spam comment emails in my inbox!

So after all that, here is my workout for today.  Won’t you join me?

It is a HIIT type workout so you will need a timer of some sort.  Each exercise will be performed for 1 minute with a 30 second rest between sets.

Knee-ups/Push-ups/Toe Taps on Bosu

Jump Squats/Single Leg Raises (abs)/Mountain Climbers

Knee-ups/Squat Thrusts with kettlebell/Toe Taps on Bosu

Jump Squats/Plank/Mountain Climbers

Knee Ups/Bicycles/Toe Taps on Bosu

Jump Squats/Tricep Extensions over head 10lbs./Mountain Climbers

Knee-ups/Biceps 10 lbs./Toe Taps on Bosu

Complete 2 times.  Remember the 1st and last exercise of each set are meant to increase heart rate, so do them all out.  You should be breathing hard:)  Weights can be increased or decreased as needed.

To make it easier, you can make each exercise 30 seconds instead of 1 minute or do the workout once instead of repeating it a second time.  To make it harder you can complete 3 rounds instead of 2 or increase the time for each exercise to 90 seconds instead of 60:)  Remember to go at your own intensity level.

Have you had any issues with spam lately?  How do you deal with it?  What is your favorite way to cross-train?  Have you accepted my Dietbet challenge?

Have a great day and happy running!

*Consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen.




  1. I have the Bosu on my birthday wish list! Thanks for the workout.
    I have had a lot of spam on my blog too, very annoying.
    I won’t be joining you for the weight loss challenge since my doctor has me on a new regime to get my fatigue and blood sugars balanced but I hope everyone is very successful.

    • I love my Bosu! I hope you get it for your birthday:) I hope you get things figured out with your fatigue and blood sugars. I just saw my naturopath for fatigue too and am waiting for results. So frustrating

  2. I guess your blogs need to be more BORING like mine….a step away from a diary or something b/c I haven’t had any spam issues at all. (Now that I said that I probably will…ha!)

  3. Yes – lots of spam. Frustrating.
    This workout looks fun – pinned it so I can try it soon!

  4. I probably shouldn’t say this but my spam comments have died down. Maybe they are leaving me alone for a little while. I’m sure after I leave this comment they will come back in full force. It’s just so annoying to have to deal with!

  5. Looks like a great workout! I have a strength training session and a run today, so I’ll have to save it for another day though. 😉

  6. I am going to try your workout for my next one inside! I don’t have a bosu ball but will fill in with something else. Thanks!!

    I haven’t had much spam on my current blog but several years ago I had one that was mainly about my kids and I ended up deleting that blog because of all the spam. My spam was mostly about hair straighteners and crazy stuff like that.

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