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10 Miles to Ease the Stress

The past couple of weeks have been a bit stressful.  Nothing big, but a situation where you just want your kid to be happy and to be rewarded when it’s deserved.  As parents, we all hate to see our kids hurt or struggle, even though it is a part of life that helps us grow.

Decisions need to be made and it’s not always easy.  Yesterday was a day when I was feeling the stress and anxiety big time.  No amount of deep breathing or trying to ignore stressful thoughts would help.  I had 10 miles on the calendar and I was hoping that might help ease these feelings.

I headed to the Centennial trail in Snohomish.  I love this paved trail!  It is 29 miles long and one day I hope to bike the whole thing roundtrip:)  But today I just wanted to enjoy the scenery and listen to my music.  The 1st 5 miles were a bit of a struggle.  As soon as I started I had to pee really bad!  I knew the nearest port-a-potty was 1.5 miles ahead so I just had to suffer til then.  Finally I made it and was so happy to see the bathroom!  I have to say that the thoughts that were creeping into my head didn’t lend to a feel-good run:(  At 5 miles I hit a trailhead that had a real bathroom and a water fountain.  I took this time to use the facilities and call my husband.  Our chat improved my mood a bit and it was time to finish the last 5 mile stretch back to my car.

Immediately I felt so much better!  I was running 30-45 seconds faster per mile.  I felt good and instead of hearing those stressful thoughts, I enjoyed my music and the surroundings.  I made it back to my car and was so happy to be done and feeling better:)  It took 10 miles, but I guess I no longer had the energy to worry about the little things;)

5-12-15It’s interesting how the stresses of everyday life can affect performance.  It’s also interesting to me that I can run 5 miles and feel slow and sluggish but the second 5 miles feel so good.  Weird!  I guess when my body lets go of the stress, it’s like a weight is lifted off and I feel free:)

Do your runs help relieve life’s stresses?  How many miles does it take for you to feel free?

Have a great day and happy running!


No Rants Friday:)

Thank you all for your supportive comments on yesterday’s post.  Yesterday I had such a busy but great day finalizing my bootcamp location.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful which doesn’t seem to happen very often.  I feel like the majority of the time, customer service has gone out the window, so having great customer service was a nice surprise, especially in a situation that is a little nerve racking.

I actually had a dream last night that I was super late to my 1st bootcamp in the new place.  I was freaking out!  I know that won’t happen but that tells you a little bit about my stress level.

So, I have a little question for you.  I feel like the word “bootcamp” is used so often nowadays for so many workout classes.  I also think that “bootcamp” can be scary to those who have never tried it.  I am trying to find another name for my class that is  fun and  gives an idea of what the class is all about.  I like the word “Rush”, but that doesn’t really tell people anything as far as what the class entails.  Any ideas?

For those of you who are looking for a fun workout here is my bootcamp plan for tomorrow:)

5 minute warm-up

20 plank jacks-ice skaters-kamikazes

Run 2 minutes

15 plank jacks-ice skaters-kamikazes

Run 2 minutes

10 plank jacks-ice skaters-kamikazes

Run 2 minutes

5 plank jacks-ice skaters-kamikazes

Run 2 minutes

Step ups-knee ups-step ups (1 minute each)

Tricep dips-squat jumps-tricep dips (1 minute each)

Bridges on Bosu -skiers-bridges on Bosu (1 minute each)

Squats w/Ugi between legs-knee ups-squats w/Ugi between legs (1 minute each)

Bicep curls-squat jumps-bicep curls (1 minute each)

Push ups-squat jumps-push ups (1 minute each)

Wall sit-skiers-wall sit (1 minute each)

Bicycles-knee ups-bicycles (1 minute each)

Shoulder press-squat jumps-shoulder press (1 minute each)

Russian twists-skiers-russian twists (1 minute each)

Cool down and Stretch

Enjoy!  Have a great day and happy running!