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I Don’t Know Where the Oreos Went

I try to be good, I really do.  I have hit the age where the pounds seem to creep on and I have to make a decision.  Do I want to restrict myself and eat perfectly to be at the weight I want to be at, or do I continue to exercise and eat well enough, and be a little over the “ideal for me”?  I am still struggling with this decision.  Some weeks are better than others.  Some desserts get left on the table, some get eaten;)

Last night for example.  My youngest turned 13 on the 18th and his friend gave him an Oreo cake.  Very nice:)  Well, last night the cake was on the counter after my son had cut himself a piece.  I walked by the cake and looked at it.  Hmmm, those Oreos look good.  I took the lid off and touched one of them.  They were soft, my favorite way to eat them.  Well, I could have one right?  I ate one, then another, then another, then the last one.  Oops!  They were delicious by the way;)

About 15 minutes later as I was sitting on the couch, I felt eyes on me.  I looked up and my son was staring at me from the kitchen, next to the cake.  The look on his face was priceless.  I am cracking up as I type this!  He said “Really mom?!”  “All of the Oreos?!”  We both start laughing.  Believe me, he wasn’t surprised and I have no guilt;)

You see, sometimes in life, you just have to eat the Oreos;)

Have a great day and happy running!