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To Run or Not to Run…

That is the question;)  Isn’t that the M.O. of all runners?  We feel a little something in the quad/ankle/foot.  Do we run or take a rest day?  It’s so hard to make that decision!  All we really want to do is head out the door and get our run in, but should we really?  I am usually pretty good about taking days off.  But, I am on a good roll and I want to keep it up.  However, I feel a little something in my quad and of course that PF seems to be always hanging around.  The thing is, nothing is painful.  I just know it’s there.

Image result for runners with injuries ecardThe runner in me is saying, “It doesn’t hurt it’s just an ache. You can run on it.”‘  But part of me is saying “If you run on it, it might get worse and become painful.  You don’t want to do serious damage.”  I feel like the PF will just always be there, like the annoying fly that came in last night when the door was left open.  You think it’s finally gone, then you go upstairs and it’s in the bathroom.

So the decision needs to be made.  Do I run 5 miles today and see how my quad feels, or take another rest day?  Maybe I will do a loop that goes past my house just in case?

How do you make the decision to run or not when you are feeling a little something?  Are you good about taking rest days or do you run despite your aches and pains?

Have a great day and happy running!

Three Things Thursday

I feel like it went from summer to fall instantly!  It is so cold!  Which means I am back to being freezing all the time and wearing jackets and polarfleece pants in my house;)  Thank you Old Navy for providing the best, warmest, comfiest lounge pants around;)

1.  I went to my oldest son’s 1st football game of the season yesterday.  Yes, I was freezing the entire time.  Also, note that my son has a cast on for his thumb fracture and isn’t able to play, yet I still came out to support the team!  Yes I am a dedicated momma;)  Have you ever had to sit on the sideline due to an injury?  It is serious torture, you should have seen his face.

2.  Light the Night is coming up on Saturday evening at Greenlake and our team, Colton’s Army, has raised over $17,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Woohoo!  Colton’s Army is so amazing!  I am always in awe of how supportive and loving people are.  I try to remember that when people annoy me;)  If you live in the Seattle area and would like to join our team, click here.  We would love to see you there!

Light the Night collage3.  I plan to make friends with my treadmill this morning.  Our relationship has been a little boring lately so we will either do hills together or speedwork of some kind.  I have slowed considerably and would really like to get my speed back on track.  It’s actually kind of weird with my new treadmill.  It feels faster than other mills I have run on, or maybe I am just slower?  Kind of frustrating:/

Does it feel like fall where you are?  Any fun treadmill workouts lately?  What was the last event you raised money for?

Have a great day and happy running!