Bump in the Road

Do you ever have those times when things seem to be going along smoothly.  You have been on track with your training and you are excited for your next long run? Then something inevitably happens and you are instantly derailed?

I have been training for my half marathon in June and things were going well.  I felt good about my training and was super excited for the 9 mile group run that was happening last Sunday.  This is how Sunday was supposed to go:

8:00 am 9 mile group run with my NODM teammates. 

Shower and relax

4:00  Big Climb VIP party for those who raised over $2500

What really happened:

6:00 am get up and email my teammates that I am sick and can’t meet for the run

Stay in bed all day

Don’t you hate it when that happens?!  Argh!  I rarely get sick and to get sick when fun plans are on the menu really sucks!  So, I have been in bed the past few days and am just now starting to feel much better.  I really want to get that 9 miler in, but I know I should wait at least 1 more day just to give my body a little extra healing time.  The last thing I want to do is run and then end up in bed again:/

When I miss a long run like that I kind of start to freak out.  I feel like I am way behind and it totally stresses me out.  But, I have to try to calm myself down and realize it’s not the end of the world.  Yes, I would like to run the NODM faster than last year, and I want to feel better than I did last year.  In actuality, missing one run won’t ruin everything that I have built up until now.  It won’t make or break me.  I will catch back up to what the plan says.  I will still have an amazing race if only because I am racing with amazing women.  So, chilling out is the only way to go.

Tomorrow I will plan to lace up my running shoes and head out for my 9 miler.  I may feel sluggish, who knows.  But I will get it done, and I can check that off my to-do list and feel back on track:)

How do you feel when you miss a training run?  Stressed or chill?

Have a great day and happy running!

Seahawks 12k Recap

I have many posts inside my head that I need to write.  Hiking, running, life.  I haven’t even written about the Big Climb that happened almost a month ago!  Yikes!  But I am still waiting for some pictures since I didn’t take many good ones at the event.  Bad blogger!

Today I am going to recap my Seahawks 12k race on Sunday, and it was a great one!  Initially I was a little worried that it would be like the Hot Chocolate 5k that I ran in March (did I even recap that one?).  The race was capped at 15,000 runners but that included the 12k and the 5k.  According to the finishing times, I think there were just under 5,000 12k finishers.

It was a beautiful sunny day.  The crowd was full of enthusiastic Seahawks fans dressed in Seahawks gear.  It was fun to be a part of.  My friends and I were running as “Colton’s Army” so we were all wearing our Colton’s Army shirts on top and we tried to find Seahawks stuff to add here and there;)


-Great energy

-Fun atmosphere

-Plenty of port-a-potties

-Scenic route

-Run through the VMAC (where the Seahawks practice)

-Cool medal and shirt


-Crowded (especially at the finish)

-Strollers and dogs allowed (caused issues like backups and poop)

-Water stations were few and the volunteers weren’t experienced

In these  big races, I always seem to have the same complaints.  I have to just expect things like inexperienced runners that start at the front too fast and then stop to walk in the middle of the course without pulling to the side.  Walkers, strollers, dogs, starting in the front instead of at the back, like the are told many times to do.  I have to assume that they just don’t understand how that affects the other participants?

Either way I had a great time with my friends:)  We finished and headed to a restaurant for beers on the patio outside.  It was great!


Post race photo:)


Post race celebration!

I am still trying to increase my speed and get back to where I was a couple of years ago.  But, I am happy with my performance and hope to get faster before the NODM in June.

Although I think there are some issues the race organizers need to figure out for next year, I would definitely do this race again.  Go Hawks!

P.S. Did you watch Boston yesterday?!  So awesome!  I loved watching Meb cross the finish line holding Dionne’s hand in the air, especially after throwing up before the finish line!  Meb rocks!

Have a great day and happy running!

Random Happenings and New Races

There are some days that I just wonder what the heck people are thinking, and what kind of parents raised certain people?  It was a beautiful day yesterday and I was driving home from a hike on a 5 lane highway.  All of a sudden I see a guy in his late 50’s running across the 5 lanes of traffic (speed limit is 45mph)!  I hate it when I see people do stupid things like this for many reasons, but death is #1.  Why would you risk getting hit by a car instead of walking to a crosswalk?  The thing that makes me the most mad is that they are being so selfish.  If you don’t care about your own life, fine.  But if someone hits you, their life is changed forever.  I honked at him to show my annoyance and I’m sure you can guess what he did back….he flipped me off.  Classy!  I guess someone that is so stupid as to cross a 5 lane highway is also completely classless.  A 50 something man flipping off a woman.  Which makes me wonder who raised him?  I’m sure they would be so proud:)  Let me also note that a woman was killed just last Thanksgiving crossing that exact same road:(

Then, this morning, I am driving home from dropping off my son at school and I see a large black object going down the middle of the road in the opposite direction as me.  It’s not a car, doesn’t look like a dog, and it doesn’t have lights on it.  It’s not the right shape to be a motorcycle.  Hmmm, what the heck is that?  Mind you it’s not quite light out and it’s foggy.  Well, as I get closer I realize it’s a kid dressed in all black crouched down on his skateboard zooming down the hill…with no helmet!  Danger!  All I could do was silently pray that he made it to school safely as I continued on my way home.

Now as I sit down at my computer I open up my address book to mail something to a family member.  Guess what?  My son has somehow saved his science lab in my address label file and all my addresses are gone!  Except 5 for some reason:/  But of course the one I want, is no longer:(  Argh!  How the heck did he even do that?!

So, let’s get positive here.  I have a few races coming up that I want to tell you about.  Of course you already know about the Big Climb on March 22nd:)  I am also going to run the Seahawks 12k (April 19th) and the Mt. Si Relay (April 26th)!  Yes, this will be my very 1st relay and I am so excited!  I wish these 2 races weren’t during 2 consecutive weekends, but I couldn’t pass up running the relay with Colton’s Army:)

Seahawks 12k at The Landing

mt. siWhat have you seen recently that makes you wonder about humanity?  Ever had a file deleted/replaced that you really needed?  What races do you have coming up?

Have a great day and happy running!

Had to Share

So I just got out of the shower and as I was drying off, I realized I only shaved one leg!  Oh my goodness, I must have had too many things on my mind and forgot;)  Have you ever done that?  I probably should have turned the water back on and finished the other leg, but nah, I will do it tomorrow;)

In other news, I have a new prize in my Big Climb giveaway and it is so adorable!  It is from a Seattle company named Glittersweet.  I found out about them when I watched a local show around Christmastime.  The purses were part of a “great gift ideas” segment and I immediately went online and bought one for every woman in my family.  That means 4 purselets and 1 bigger purse for me;)  I love mine and have received so many compliments on it when I am out in public.  All the ladies who received them love theirs too!  The owner of the company has graciously donated this item, so go over to her site and check out all the other cute purses, you will love them!

glittersweetIsn’t it cute?!  So, if you don’t win the grand prize, you have the chance to win this adorable and fun purselet ($44 value).  Just to let you know, since you can’t tell very well from the pic, it’s sparkly!  I love anything with sparkle:)

You can donate here.

Last but not least, I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5k this Sunday in Seattle.  The swag is awesome and I am excited to get my cute sweatshirt:)  I am not really in the greatest racing shape but it will be a good test to see where I’m at:)  I am hoping it’s not too cold, since it starts at 6:45am!  Ugh, who are these race directors anyways.  They must like to make people suffer!  Either way it will be fun since I am doing it with a bunch of girlfriends:)

Now I need to know if I am the only one who has forgotten to shave a leg?  Fess up ladies;)  Who else is running the Hot Chocolate?

Have a great day and happy running!

Free Rant Friday

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while.  I am actually only ranting about one thing today which is, why are people so against all the fun new races that have been popping up all over the place?!

Mud runs, obstacles, color runs, electric runs, drenched runs, etc. etc.

I have read on blogs and in other media that some people don’t like all of these races and have some sort of problem with them.  Why?  What is so wrong with finding new and fun ways to help people get active?  If you run one of these are you not a “real” runner?  If you have fun during a race are you not a “real” runner?  If you try something new and like it, are you not a “real” runner?

I love that there are races out there that bring people into running that might not normally be into it.  I love that people are finding new ways to help others get active.  I love that these races are fun for kids and families and bring people together in a healthy way.


If you want to PR, just don’t try to do it at one of these races, but don’t complain about people who do them.

I don’t know if it’s the personal trainer in me that just wants people to get out and be active, no matter how they decide to do it.  I do get annoyed at “regular” races when newbies walk or run slowly at the front of the corral when they should be in the back, but these other types of races, you just have to be okay with that type of thing.  It’s to be expected that many of these people don’t run regularly and are there to have fun.  More power to them for trying something new.

So, what are your thoughts on these races?  Do you think they are great or do you snub your nose at them and those that do them?  Tell me your opinion:)

Have a great day and happy running!


Wordless Wednesday


North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon Recap

Wow that’s a long name!  As you all know I was a little nervous for this race since I had been sick for 2 weeks leading up to it, and hadn’t run that entire time.  Yikes!  But, I decided to relax and run it with my friend Suzy, just for fun.  Since I still had a cough, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t PR so I just wanted to enjoy my time along this amazingly beautiful course.

This is the second time I have run this race and it is still my all time favorite.  We make it a girl’s weekend and take the ferry over Saturday afternoon for the Sunday morning race.  We always have a blast!

I do have to mention that Saturday morning I also taught bootcamp.  I made the mistake of performing the lunge track with my bootcampers and by the evening my glutes and inner thighs were screaming.  Oops!

Here are a few pics to show you how the weekend went:) Enjoy!


On the ferry


Our traditional night before the race beer:)


Setting up some Colton’s Army balloons along the race course.


Waiting for the race to start.


Awesome sign along the course:)

I didn’t take any pictures, but there was a slight caterpillar issue while we were there.  It was like we were running through a caterpillar battle field.  They were everywhere and we couldn’t help but step on them throughout the course.  Sorry caterpillars;(


We did it! Post race photo:)

I felt great the entire time and had fun just taking it at a relaxing pace.  In the last mile I sprinted to the finish so I could take a video of my friends and it felt so good to pass people at the end;)  I didn’t end up counting, but I’m sure it was at least 20 people.  Luckily I finished with enough time to catch them at the finish!

The weather was amazing and the company was even better.  This is definitely an annual event for me.  I am hoping next year I will be shooting for a PR again:)

The race medals and shirts for the NODM are the best I have ever received.  The course support is awesome and at the end you get your own personal escort to hand you a Gatorade and tell you where to go for food/massages/etc.  It is amazing!


This is the back of the shirt. Super soft, long sleeve, with thumb holes!


Stained glass medal. So cool!

On the way home, I had my pic taken with my favorite troll and  lumberjack:)



I was sad to see the weekend end, but back to real life I go.  I can’t wait until next year!

Have you ever ran this race?  Do you have an all time favorite race?  Do you take pictures with random statues like I do?  Don’t you just love that troll?  I think he is so cute!

Have a great day and happy running!

I Beat the Bridge!

I woke up at 6am on Sunday morning to get ready for the Beat The Bridge 8k.  My whole family was planning to run it.  But, when I went in to wake up my youngest son, his skin was on fire and the thermometer confirmed that he would not be running the race that morning:(  He was very disappointed since he loves to run.

My husband stayed home with my youngest, and even though I was at the beginning stages of Bronchitis, I decided I would take my oldest son to the race.  He was fine, and really wanted to PR.  So, I had 3 choices:

1.  Go to the race and run it all out.  Since I was sick and haven’t trained very well, there was a slim to none chance that I would have a respectable time.

2.  Take my son and be a spectator.

3.  Pace my son to an awesome PR!

Obviously I chose #3.  To be honest beating the bridge is not very hard.  As long as you don’t get stuck in the back of the 5000 participants you should have no problem crossing the bridge with plenty of time to spare.


Insane right?!  This is just a fraction of the crowd.  I was hoping to meet a fellow Seattle blogger, but once my son and I arrived I knew there was no way I would  see anyone I knew.  We grabbed our packets, I returned the 2 we weren’t using, and handed back my timing chip.  I was here as a pacer, there was no need for me to be timed.

We could barely move within this crowd, but I bulldozed my way to the race start, hopped the fence and we were ready to run.  The horn went off for our time wave and so our race began.  I don’t ever remember the crowds being so huge.  This was our 3rd time running this race and I felt very claustrophobic.  I will think twice before signing up next year because of the enormous crowds.  I do think that at a certain point the race entrants need to be limited.  Although this is for a great cause, and the draw to raise as much money as possible is tempting, the enjoyment of the race participants should be considered as well.

We went at a faster pace up until the bridge and once we passed the bridge we settled into a steady comfortable pace for the last 3 miles.  My son did awesome and he sprinted to the finish for a 10 minute PR!  I was so proud of him!

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I wasn’t feeling well, and was lucky to get the one above.  The crowds continued after the race.  As I tried to leave, I realized there was only one exit point out of the stadium and the crowd was at a standstill.  All I wanted to do was get in my warm car and go home, but I had to patiently move at a snail’s pace for 10-15 minutes until I finally got out of the stadium and was able to walk to my car.

As you all know, I am not a fan of large crowds, so this event ended up being a bit stressful.  This is usually a really fun event and I hope that the race directors figure out a way to better deal with the crowds.

All in all I am glad we ran it.  My son’s PR was well worth the stress and other issues.

So, have you ever ran a race while sick?  Which option would you have chosen?  Do you like the bigger races or do you prefer the smaller ones?

Have a great day and happy running!

I Won!

Well, my Dietbet challenge ended yesterday and I won!  Yay!  However, I didn’t end up losing enough to reach my ultimate goal, so I will be running in a sportsbra in the near future.  Probably within the next few days since it is sunny out.  Maybe I will wear it to celebrate running the “5 by the 5th” virtual race hosted by Laura:)  Ugh, I hope nobody I know sees me;)


This is what I want to look like while running in my Handful bra;)

In other news, I ended up running 6.2 miles yesterday around the neighborhood.  It went pretty well and I kept up a nice 8:22 pace.  However, I need to pick it up in order to PR at the next “Beat The Bridge” 8k race on May 19th.  The last time I ran it, my pace was 7:44.  Eek!  That time actually shocked me.  Do you ever see your race results and you can’t really believe how fast you ran it?

On top of the Beat the Bridge, I have the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon the first weekend in June and my first mud run the weekend after that!  The last NODM is where I PR’d and was another moment where I was shocked at my time:)  So, I need to write myself a race plan and stick to it!  You all know how good I am at sticking to a plan;)




So there you have it, a little bit of randomness for you.  I guess you know how my brain has been functioning lately;)  Anyone in the area running Beat the Bridge or NODM?  They are both fun races!  Are you ever shocked/surprised at how fast you ran a race?  How’s the weather where you are?

Have a great day and happy running!


I Did it! A Shiny New Big Climb PR!

I woke up yesterday excited and a little nervous for “The Big Climb“.  This would be my 4th year competing and I was in the market for a new PR.  Last year I climbed the Columbia Tower’s 1311 stairs in 13:48 and my goal was to get in the 12’s this year!

We drove to Seattle and got to the tower just in time to get our bibs on and have our team picture taken.  “Colton’s Army”  was 111 people strong, and together we raised over $22,000 dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!  Yeah!  All I could see was a huge sea of orange, it was awesome!


This isn’t even our whole team!


Go Team!! Colton is front and center:)

We were in the top 5 fundraising teams which means we were part of “The Summit Club”. This is a fun new incentive they just implemented this year.  As part of the club we got a special viewing room at the top, and a special meeting area after, with yummy treats provided by a few of the local restaurants.


Suzy and I before the climb


My friend Sandra and I before the race. Sandra fought cancer last year and is currently in remission, yay! This was her first year doing the Big Climb!

After our picture it was time to head to the starting line.  I lined up behind about 10 young kids in our group.  They are fast!  This group included my youngest:)

It was time to go.  I put on my sticky gloves, turned on my music and started my watch!  READY, SET, GO!

I began taking steps 2 at a time and quickly realized this was not going to work for me.  The steps of the Columbia Tower are a bit higher than many steps and my legs and arms were not enjoying taking them 2 at a time.  Scratch that plan.  I resumed my climb 1 stair at a time.

Memories from past climbs came rushing back as that “out of breath” experience came and never left me.  I told myself I had to endure for only 12-13 minutes and I relaxed and fell into stride.  I only got passed by one person.  He was on our team and a teenager, so I didn’t feel bad:)

It was kind of nice this time.  Our start time was earlier so the stairwells weren’t nearly as crowded as in past years.  I didn’t see anyone for several flights.  But, after a few minutes I started seeing people in front of me and the passing started.  Bam!  Bam! Bam!

I passed quite a few people and knew I was getting closer to the top.  Flight by flight ticked of.  65, 66, 67.  I was ready to be done.  I never glanced at my watch until I hit the top.  I crossed the finish line with an official time of 12:59!!!  My watch actually said, 12:57, but I guess I have to go with their time.

I did it!!  I wanted to make it up in the 12’s and I barely squeaked by, phew!!  I am still waiting to see my time compared to everyone else.  It should be posted by tomorrow.

Afterwards, we headed to our special club area and had a feast of sandwiches, cookies, bagels, etc., etc.  It was great,  and a fun time to chat with the team before we headed home.

My boys both beat their times from last year.  My youngest beat me, clocking in at 11:39, over a minute faster than last year!  My oldest son clocked in at 18:59 almost 4 whole minutes faster than last year!  So, the entire family got new PR’s!  Woohoo! Go Q’s!


View from our “special” room at the top of the Columbia Tower!



Sometimes you have to do the work to get the best views. Wait, there’s an elevator?!

A great experience for a great cause!  Colton was there cheering us on and hopefully he will be able to compete next year.  Doing this for Colton makes it even more meaningful and helped push us all the way to the top!

After the climb the “Track Hack” began.  It actually felt like I had a full blown cold, with coughing, sneezing, and runny nose.  I am only left with a slight cough this morning, and will feel fine by this afternoon I’m sure.  A small price to pay for such a great experience:)

I hope you all had a great weekend too!  Tell me about it, did you race?

Have a great day and happy running!