Seahawks 12k Recap

I have many posts inside my head that I need to write.  Hiking, running, life.  I haven’t even written about the Big Climb that happened almost a month ago!  Yikes!  But I am still waiting for some pictures since I didn’t take many good ones at the event.  Bad blogger!

Today I am going to recap my Seahawks 12k race on Sunday, and it was a great one!  Initially I was a little worried that it would be like the Hot Chocolate 5k that I ran in March (did I even recap that one?).  The race was capped at 15,000 runners but that included the 12k and the 5k.  According to the finishing times, I think there were just under 5,000 12k finishers.

It was a beautiful sunny day.  The crowd was full of enthusiastic Seahawks fans dressed in Seahawks gear.  It was fun to be a part of.  My friends and I were running as “Colton’s Army” so we were all wearing our Colton’s Army shirts on top and we tried to find Seahawks stuff to add here and there;)


-Great energy

-Fun atmosphere

-Plenty of port-a-potties

-Scenic route

-Run through the VMAC (where the Seahawks practice)

-Cool medal and shirt


-Crowded (especially at the finish)

-Strollers and dogs allowed (caused issues like backups and poop)

-Water stations were few and the volunteers weren’t experienced

In these  big races, I always seem to have the same complaints.  I have to just expect things like inexperienced runners that start at the front too fast and then stop to walk in the middle of the course without pulling to the side.  Walkers, strollers, dogs, starting in the front instead of at the back, like the are told many times to do.  I have to assume that they just don’t understand how that affects the other participants?

Either way I had a great time with my friends:)  We finished and headed to a restaurant for beers on the patio outside.  It was great!


Post race photo:)


Post race celebration!

I am still trying to increase my speed and get back to where I was a couple of years ago.  But, I am happy with my performance and hope to get faster before the NODM in June.

Although I think there are some issues the race organizers need to figure out for next year, I would definitely do this race again.  Go Hawks!

P.S. Did you watch Boston yesterday?!  So awesome!  I loved watching Meb cross the finish line holding Dionne’s hand in the air, especially after throwing up before the finish line!  Meb rocks!

Have a great day and happy running!

Why are Schools Catering to Obesity?

Okay I have a little rant for today and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  My youngest son is in middle school, grades 6-7-8.  He is in 7th grade and is running track this year.  The kids are required to order a team shirt and these are the sizes that were available on the order form: ( all adult sizes)







Mind you these are kids that range in age from 11-13.  There are no youth sizes offered for these kids to order, but there is a  2X and 3X?!  What the heck?!

According to the doctor charts my youngest is considered in the 50th percentile in height.  He is by no means the smallest kid in school, yet the smallest size offered is an adult small which looks like a dress on him.  I don’t understand why a 3x or even an XL for that matter, is offered without having the option of a youth large?

By no means do I want anyone to be excluded or shamed for their size, but why is a 3x a more logical or acceptable option than a youth large for kids this age?  I just don’t understand why they think it’s okay for a smaller kid to wear a shirt that looks like a dress, but offer a shirt that would fit a very large man?

I actually went in to the school today to turn in the order form.  I called the company that makes the shirts and asked if they could make a youth large and they said they could.  So, I wrote my own size in and pointed it out to the lady in the office.  I had to ask what the logic behind the sizing was.  She said that they figure the kids will grow into the adult smalls.  What?!  My son is almost at the end of his 7th grade year and that size is still way too big for him.  So, they figure, let the kids suffer and be embarrassed for a couple of years and hopefully they grow into the larger size by 8th grade?

We had this same problem with his PE clothes.  They are required to have a PE uniform that includes shorts and a t-shirt.  Of course the smallest size available for both is an adult small.  So, we had to find a company to make a shirt and shorts in youth sizes so that he had clothes that fit.  There was no way we were going to make him wear clothes that were hanging off of him.

So, my point is, why are the schools catering to obesity and not offering clothing to fit the children that are “average” size?  Since when is a 12 year old child that is a 3x considered more normal than a child that is a youth large?  The schools don’t want the obese child to wear a shirt that is too tight but they let the smaller child wear a shirt that looks like a dress?  Baffling!


Have a great day and happy running!

Friday Ups and Downs

My youngest had to be at school at 7:15 for track practice this morning, EEK!  Actually he didn’t really complain at all and it wasn’t any extra work for me.  He is a morning person (unlike myself) and I have to drive my oldest to school then anyway.  Their schools are right next to eachother so no biggie:)

I was just thinking the other day that my kids seem to be much busier than I was when I was younger. I hear that’s the trend nowadays.  Honestly, if I didn’t have my youngest in activities that require lots of movement, life would be more difficult;)  It’s like when you get a puppy.  If you don’t exercise it, there will be trouble.  All I know is I wish I had his energy!

Speaking of energy, I ended up getting a 4.5 miler in yesterday and it was so beautiful outside:)  This run seemed way harder than my 6 miler on Tuesday but I ran it faster so that may have been the difference.  I really want to work on my speed since it has been lacking the past couple of years.  It’s hard to run races slow when you know what you are, or have been, capable of.

samammish river trailOkay so now a little question for those of you who have kids.  Have you ever had a teacher that singled your kid out.  When all the kids are doing the same thing but your kid is the only one who gets yelled at for it?  Do you talk to the teacher or just chalk it up to a life lesson?  The mama bear in me wants to give the teacher a piece of my mind, but part of me wants my son to figure it out on his own.  Hmmm…decisions decisions.  I actually told him yesterday that he needs to keep his eye on his goal, which is a good grade.  It’s not that hard to do a little brown nosing when you know your teacher isn’t your biggest fan.

My, what a stylish cardigan you're wearing Mr. Werner! - Suck-Up SchoolDo you think teachers see through kids like that?  Honestly I totally see through it, but I had many teachers who just ate it up.

That’s all for now.  Sorry for all the randomness;)

Have a great day and happy running!

Three Things Thursday

Just a quick post today since it is sunny outside and I want to get out there and enjoy it;)

1.  I cancelled my gym membership yesterday:(  I thought I would enjoy going to the classes and it would motivate me to go more often, but sadly I haven’t been going very much.  I found myself feeling stressed and guilty for not going since I was wasting all that money.  So I decided to cancel it.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.  I will stick with running outside and my home gym:)

2.  The weather is amazing here in WA.  Sunny and in the 60’s!  Woohoo!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to go hiking with me:(  So, I will probably go on a solo run or something.

3.  I swear dogs are more expensive than kids!  Rocky’s eye was a bit swollen the other day.  Kind of like when he got bit by something and his face got an abcess and $1000 and months later he finally healed.  Back then, my gut said it was just a bug bite and we all know that was a mistake.  Well, I decided to take him right in and $250 later, it was just a bug bite or bee sting.  Ugh!  How looking under a microscope for 10 seconds can cost $70 I will never know!

I hope it is as nice where you are as it is here:)

Have a great day and happy running!


What’s Up Wednesday

I started writing a Big Climb post the other day but decided to wait until I have more pictures to post it;)  I thought I would tell you about some wins and some fails that happened yesterday.  Here is how the day was supposed to go:

9am run 6 miles with a friend at Greenlake

Go to Costco, drug store, grocery store

4:40 Pick up youngest son from track and drop off at home

5:15 Immediately head back out and pick up oldest son from driver’s ed (yikes!)

5:30 Take youngest to soccer practice

5:45 Cook dinner

7:30 Pick up youngest son from soccer practice

Here is how it really went:

-9am run 6 miles with a friend at Greenlake (WIN!)

-Go to Costco, drug store, grocery store

-4:40 Pick up youngest son from track and drop off at home

-Realize that one of the items I bought at the drug store was not in my bag, forget about picking up my oldest, call store about the missing item

-Meanwhile youngest son is refusing to go to soccer because he is sore from track and very tired (1st week of track and soccer on same days)

– Find out my youngest hid the aforementioned missing drug store item because he was mad at me

-Feel stupid for calling the store (The lady made me feel like I was either a criminal or that I had lost my mind, believe me I wouldn’t lie for a $5 can of Static Guard!)

-Yell at youngest

-Realize I have to pick up oldest in 2 minutes

-Husband picks up oldest

-5:50 drive youngest to soccer practice (20 minutes late)

-6:00 come home and cook dinner

-Pick up youngest at soccer

-We both apologize to eachother

-Sit on couch

-Go to bed (WIN!)

Well, at least I got my run in which is a big win in my book:)  Plus Greenlake was so pretty and fun to run around!  I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

I am hoping that the schedule will run more smoothly after this week.  My youngest is sore from track and I am hoping that will subside after this week.  This is the 1st time we have had him in 2 sports at the same time almost every day.  Plus I think he is going through a growth spurt which really saps his energy.

So have you had any Wins/Losses so far this week?

Have a great day and happy running!

Camo Running Pants!

Here is a story about a cute pair of running pants.  You know when you see someone out in public wearing something so cute you just have to ask where they got it?  Back in November I was walking around our local Town Center and I popped in a Hot Yoga studio.  There was a lady in there with the cutest pair of camo leggings/running pants.  My friend asked her where she got them and she said she ordered them online at Fabletics.  I don’t know if you have ever heard of Fabletics but it is one of those sites where you basically get a workout outfit once a month for a set price.  I have never done that before and am not quite sure how I feel about it.

Next thing I know, my friend ordered a pair and they looked so cute on her, and she said she loved them.  Well, I was sold.  Cute and comfy!  Of course when I went online to buy my pair, they were completely out of stock:(  Oh no!  I missed the boat:(

Well, I got an email today from Fabletics saying my 1st purchase would be 70% off, so I decided to check out the site.  Much to my delight, the camo leggings were back!! Woohoo!  At 70% off they were only $14.99 instead of $79.95!  Oh yeah baby!  You better believe I snatched those up.  Of course that meant I had to sign up for the outfit a month (which I can cancel), but I will see how it goes.  Depends on whether I like the outfits they pick or not.  I can’t wait to get my new pants!


Adorable right?!

They actually have lots of cute workout clothes so if you want to check them out or get these cute pants, head on over to Fabletics🙂  Don’t you just love good deals and cute running gear?!  So excited!

In other news, my youngest is home sick today:(  He woke up at 4am with a terrible sore throat so I am letting him get extra rest in the hopes he will feel better.  I’m thinking it’s just the start of a cold since that is usually how my colds start.  Hopefully it’s nothing worse:/

Have you ever heard of Fabletics?  Ever signed up for a monthly outfit type program?  Did you like it?  I’m hoping I am not disappointed, but at least I will get my camo pants;)

Have a great day and happy running!



6 Miler Done!

You know when you take a bit of a break from running?  You start back up and wonder if you can do it again?  I never really took a complete break, running 1-2 times a week shorter distances.  But when you start training for a race and you have to build up your mileage, you might start to wonder if you can really do it again?

My training plan said 6 miles yesterday .  Believe me, I know it’s not far, but it is the furthest I have run in a long time.  I questioned myself.  Can I do it without dying?  It can be hard to talk yourself into heading out the door and hitting the pavement.  Especially when you know it’s an out and back, and once you get halfway, you know you have to run all the way back home;)

Well, I was determined to get those miles in one way or another.  I decided I needed a few new songs on my iPod.  After trying for 30 minutes to sync my iPod with my computer, and a bit of yelling at the screen, I was ready to run.  I headed out the door with my music and my Garmin (just for distance) and got in my 6 miler…BOOM!  And I wasn’t even that slow!

It felt good and really boosted my confidence.  There’s nothing like an increase in mileage to boost your ego;)

Before I run my next race in April, I have the Big Climb on Sunday.  This always gives me a bit of anxiety because it is hard!  Even though it only takes me 13-16 minutes, I feel like death the entire time.  After the 1st few flights, there is not one single moment I don’t feel completely out of breath.  It’s nothing like running.  But I have to tell myself that we climb for those who have suffered greatly and that is enough to push me through:)

Do you ever lack confidence after taking a running break?  Have any races on the calendar?

Have a great day and happy running!


Daylight Savings Really Got Me

Wow the past few days I have had a really hard time with energy!  First off, I never need my alarm clock.  I always set it just in case, but I usually wake up before it goes off and turn it off.  Starting on Monday, I woke up to my alarm going off.  I hate that!  Then I was so tired I could barely function.  I realized it must have been the time change.  I don’t remember it affecting me that badly before, but maybe it’s just selective memory?  Like when you run a race and you almost puke, but a couple days later you sign up for another one?

So, after being tired and kind of lazy (as far as workouts go) Monday and Tuesday, I was dead set on heading to the gym.  I told myself, “you will take son #2 to school and go straight to the gym for a run on the treadmill”.  Guess what I did?  I had him take the bus and I told myself I would just lay down for 15 minutes.  That 15 minutes turned into an hour!  But I did go to the gym and run 3.5 miles on the tready and got in some squats, abs, and arms:)  Yay!

I am feeling more energetic this morning luckily;)

For those of you who don’t have animals, the rest of this post may not interest you.  I took Rocky to the vet yesterday for a checkup.  The only reason I even take him is because the vet won’t renew his allergy med prescription unless he has his yearly checkups:/  Annoying!  Without his meds he is miserable.  Even with his meds he scratches like crazy now that it’s springtime.  (for those of you who don’t know, he has allergies).

Anyways, every time I go to the vet it seems like they are more like used car salesmen than veterinarians!  It seems like all they do is try to sell me up.  Blood tests, dental procedures, health plans, etc. etc.!  All I came in for was a checkup and a couple of vaccinations and the vet tried to get me to spend over $500 on other procedures.  The funny thing is, the vet said Rocky looked good and everything sounded good inside but he still tried to get me to do a blood workup on him.  Ridiculous!

When all was said and done the bill still came to over $200.  Ugh!  Pets are so expensive!

I also asked them about vitamin supplements that may help with Rocky’s allergies and they didn’t seem to know much.  I guess vets are the same as human doctors, medicate instead of prevent.  I ended up ordering some supplements online that will hopefully help with his itching, omega 3 and alfalfa.  I’m willing to try anything to help him feel better:)  Natural is better for sure!

Has daylight savings affected your energy level?  Do you have pets with allergies?

Have a great day and happy running!


Random Happenings and New Races

There are some days that I just wonder what the heck people are thinking, and what kind of parents raised certain people?  It was a beautiful day yesterday and I was driving home from a hike on a 5 lane highway.  All of a sudden I see a guy in his late 50’s running across the 5 lanes of traffic (speed limit is 45mph)!  I hate it when I see people do stupid things like this for many reasons, but death is #1.  Why would you risk getting hit by a car instead of walking to a crosswalk?  The thing that makes me the most mad is that they are being so selfish.  If you don’t care about your own life, fine.  But if someone hits you, their life is changed forever.  I honked at him to show my annoyance and I’m sure you can guess what he did back….he flipped me off.  Classy!  I guess someone that is so stupid as to cross a 5 lane highway is also completely classless.  A 50 something man flipping off a woman.  Which makes me wonder who raised him?  I’m sure they would be so proud:)  Let me also note that a woman was killed just last Thanksgiving crossing that exact same road:(

Then, this morning, I am driving home from dropping off my son at school and I see a large black object going down the middle of the road in the opposite direction as me.  It’s not a car, doesn’t look like a dog, and it doesn’t have lights on it.  It’s not the right shape to be a motorcycle.  Hmmm, what the heck is that?  Mind you it’s not quite light out and it’s foggy.  Well, as I get closer I realize it’s a kid dressed in all black crouched down on his skateboard zooming down the hill…with no helmet!  Danger!  All I could do was silently pray that he made it to school safely as I continued on my way home.

Now as I sit down at my computer I open up my address book to mail something to a family member.  Guess what?  My son has somehow saved his science lab in my address label file and all my addresses are gone!  Except 5 for some reason:/  But of course the one I want, is no longer:(  Argh!  How the heck did he even do that?!

So, let’s get positive here.  I have a few races coming up that I want to tell you about.  Of course you already know about the Big Climb on March 22nd:)  I am also going to run the Seahawks 12k (April 19th) and the Mt. Si Relay (April 26th)!  Yes, this will be my very 1st relay and I am so excited!  I wish these 2 races weren’t during 2 consecutive weekends, but I couldn’t pass up running the relay with Colton’s Army:)

Seahawks 12k at The Landing

mt. siWhat have you seen recently that makes you wonder about humanity?  Ever had a file deleted/replaced that you really needed?  What races do you have coming up?

Have a great day and happy running!

He Cut My Nails Too Short!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Our weather here in WA has been beautiful and sunny:)  I ran on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and am supposed to get in 5 miles today but I might go hiking instead.

Onto the subject of this post, my fingernails;)  I went to the nail salon yesterday to get my nails done.  My nails have been growing well and were longer than I like.  So, when the nail guy asked if I wanted them shorter, I said yes.  Next thing I know, he is cutting them super short!  Like boy length short:/  Of course, once he cut a couple I couldn’t say “NO!!!!!!”.  They have to be the same length.  Now I have no nails, although they are painted a pretty color.  Seriously, why would a person do that?  I didn’t complain because my nails grow pretty fast and they will be back to normal in a week or so.  But for now, they are useless:(

In other news, I visited my Grandma Lill on Wednesday last week.  I missed her 98th birthday when I went to Arizona for my girls weekend.  So, I wanted to make sure I went to see her and wish her a happy birthday in person:)

3 generations

3 generations

I said “Let’s take a selfie” and they both said “What’s a selfie?” 🙂

What’s new in your world?  Have you ever had your nail person cut your nails too short?  How’s your weather?

P.S.  My Big Climb fundraising is at $3035.  If you feel like skipping your latte today head on over and donate that $5 to cure cancer instead:)


Have a great day and happy running!