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Three Things Thursday

Well, I woke up feeling pretty tired this morning, but I still plan to get my 9 miler in today.  It won’t be pretty, but it will happen;)  Luckily it’s a great day for a run weather wise:)  Here are my three things for today:

1.  I bought 3 books the other day that sounded interesting.

20150429_075215-“The Blue Zones Solution” by Dan Buettner

-“Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter

– “Tox-Sick” by Suzanny Somers

The last one I bought on a whim trying to get my Amazon total up enough for free shipping;)  I saw her on a talk show talking about her book and thought it might be interesting.  I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

2.  My youngest son is having his very 1st middle school track meet today and I am so excited!!  He will be running the 100 yard dash and the hurdles!  I can’t wait to watch him run.  I wish I had the running talent he has:)  I plan to video tape him and post it on Instagram if you want to follow along:)  I remember being scared of the hurdles in middle school.  I just couldn’t make myself jump over them.  I love that he enjoys doing hurdles!

3.  The NFL draft starts today! I don’t know if any of you are into watching the draft, but it is so fun to watch the dreams come true for so many athletes:)  I love to watch!

Have you read any of the books above?  Thoughts?  Do you like to watch the draft?

Have a great day and happy running!


  1. Grain Brain is awesome. He makes a really compelling argument and I did very well when I experimented with the diet he recommends. I’ll be interested to hear your take on the other 2. All the best to your son! This Saturday is Thing 1’s track conference final!

  2. Hope your son enjoyed the track meet!!
    I keep getting updates on my phone about the draft for some reason but I don’t really follow it.

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