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Take the Bait?

I was watching “Michael and Kelly” yesterday and they played a fun game with Jason Bateman called “Take the Bate”.  I switched the spelling to make it work for my purposes:)  Basically, I have compiled a list of activities and I will either “Take the Bait” or say “Heck No”!  Meaning would I ever do it?

1.  Run a marathon.  Yes, I have done it already, not sure if I will run another one, but at least I have tried it:)

Before and During:)

Before and During:)

2.  Swim with sharks.  No thanks!  No desire to do that.


3.  Go skydiving.  Not sure on this one, was thinking maybe I might do it for my 40th birthday.

IFly 024

Indoor skydiving is much safer:)

4.  Run in Vibrams.  No, I think that is just too unsupportive for me.  Might try something in the minimalist category, but not Vibrams.

5.  Run in just a sports bra.  No thanks!

6.  Try out for a reality TV show.  I think it would be fun to do Survivor or Amazing Race:)

7.  Hold a large snake.  Sure, why not.  I have caught many a garder snake in our backyard.  As long as it’s not poisonous, I am okay with it.

If my parents can do it, so can I:)

If my parents can do it, so can I:)

8.  Cut my hair short.  No!!!!  I have to be able to put it in a ponytail:)

9.  Eat escargot.  No!  Not for me.


10.  Ride an elephant.  Yes please!  This is on my bucket list for sure:)

My parents on an elephant in December 2012:)

My parents on an elephant in December 2012:)

So will you “Take the Bait”?  Tell me if you would do any of these things in the comments, or do a post about it and make up your own list:)

Have a great day and happy running!



  1. Run a marathon yes I would like to some day..
    Cut my hair short well debated that in support of a friend but decided to do purple instead well if I ever get it done.
    Already rode an elephant when I was a kid
    Skydiving iffy… depends on who was with me.
    Vibrams are not for me tried a pair on and I could maybe get used to them for every day but not running I need support.
    Heck no on the snake and escargo
    We could do amazing race together it looks like fun and the one reality show i would like to try
    If I had the body I would run in a sports bra on a trail where no one could see me 🙂

  2. I have eaten escargot, ridden an elephant, had my hair cut very short and run in just a sports bra and shorts on a Mexican beach.

    Not a chance to the snake or the shark! And only a half marathon for me. Sky diving? Not likely and Vibrams? yes, if they weren’t so darned hard to find around here and NO to reality tv tryout …. have good Friday!

  3. I love this post. I am going to write one up and post it tomorrow.

  4. This was fun!

    Run a marathon: YES! Training for my 5th that I will run on 5/19

    Swim with sharks: Nope, absolutely no desire to put myself in that position.

    Go skydiving: Maybe someday…not sure either! I agree that indoor skydiving looks much safer.

    Run in Vibrams: I don’t think so. I love my Brooks Pure Connects for minimalist shoes.

    Run in just a sports bra: Yes. I do all of the time at home on my TM. I also go shirtless on the track in the summer when it is hot.

    Try out for a reality TV show: My goal in life is to be on the Amazing Race. One of my friend’s has a relative who is a producer for the show so it could happen….maybe.

    Hold a large snake: NO!

    Cut my hair short: LOVE short hair. This is the longest my hair has ever been. I like to rock the “a line” bob like Victoria Beckham. Becks and are so much a like

    Eat escargot: Nope, no desire.

    Ride an elephant: I rode an elephant at the safari in Roseburg, OR when I was like 4. I would totally do it again since I remember none of it!

    • Okay seriously you are the 3rd person who said they have ridden an elephant. I am so lame;) Running on the treadmill at home in a sports bra doesn’t count:) but the track does!

      Ooh exciting that you have an “in” for Amazing Race! It would be so much fun to watch if I knew someone on it!

      Thanks for playing:)

  5. Fun post! I said the same thing on marathons, then it was just “one and done” hahaha, 20 marathons later! Not sure on sharks or skydiving.
    Yes: I tried vibrams and not for me, I love sports bra only runs in the heat, would love to do Amazing Race (hmmm, maybe they need a blogger team??), did the short hair thing last winter (bad idea!), I have ridden an elephant and held a large snake as a kid.
    No way on escargot!

    • Yes, a blogger team on Amazing Race would be so awesome!!! Okay, I’m starting to think I am the only person in the world who hasn’t ridden an elephant!

  6. 2,3,4,9 – big NO!
    5 – daily
    8 – already there (growing it out)
    7 – done
    6 – bucket list (Amazing Race is top choice)
    1 – hopefully – if I can make it through a solid training program without getting injured!
    10 – not sure – my boys have (at the Renaissance Festival)

    Fun post!

  7. TOni @Runninglovingliving says:

    I have held a large snake this year, no marathon yet..hopefully next year….and I am dying to be on Survivor, actually applying for it this year!

    • OH cool! MY husband wants me to send in a video:) I just don’t know if I could handle the cold parts and the yucky food challenge (although I don’t think they had that last time).

  8. you couldn’t pay me enough money to ever make me jump out of a plane. hell no. 🙂 i would LOVE to try out for the amazing race!

  9. Let’s see…
    I’ve run a marathon (twice).
    I’ve swam with sharks (in an aquarium).
    I’d totally go sky diving.
    Not sure about the Vibrams.
    I’ve run in only a sports bra. Well, and shorts.
    Maybe on the Amazing Race.
    I’d never hold a snake eat escargot or ride an elephant.
    Obviously, I’d cut my hair short.

    Fun post!!

  10. Fun list! Definitely no to skydiving, swimming with sharks, and running in a sports bra, I would do everything else, especially be on Survivor. That is one of my dreams in life! I’m a hardcore fan of that show.

  11. where in the world did you come up with that list?
    The only thing i have done is cut my hair short and run in just a sports bra.
    I would run a marathon, ride an elephant, potentially sky dive— verdict out on reality show. my family was trying to get me to try out for bachelor last year when auditions were in nashville- glad i didn’t based on who that guy was (not this current season)

  12. I would do (or have done) some of those things, but I wouldn’t do them all! Especially not the escargot.

    And I ran in a sports bra once, and I was mortified the entire time, but I was so HOT! It was for survival purposes only.

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