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Let’s Support Eachother

I was driving home from dropping my oldest off at school this morning.  While listening to the radio I heard something that disturbed me.  The hosts were playing a game with 2 contestants asking questions about gossip.  They quoted a study that was done about men/women and how much they gossip.  The study was also about what they gossip about.  Here is what disturbed me:

What percentage of women gossip?  80%

What percentage of the gossip is about other women?  90%

What percentage of that gossip is malicious/mean?  50%

Now I don’t know what study they were quoting or how many women were polled etc., but I do know that I wasn’t too surprised by the answers.  This is so unfortunate.  I have to admit that I have gossiped about other women and not everything would be seen as nice, but I don’t think I would ever describe what I have said as malicious.  I do know that many women do say malicious things and it is so sad that instead of building each other up and supporting each other, we tend to tear each other down.  How does that help anyone?  Imagine how much better off we would be if we spent that negative energy on being positive instead?  How amazing would that be?!

So, I pledge to work on decreasing the gossip. I will practice putting out positive energy towards other women to lift them up:)  If we focus more on building each other up, it would make sense that we would also feel better about ourselves.  Who else is ready to experiment with me?

Have a great day and happy running!


  1. I’ve found that not working in a school I have cut way down on gossip:) I guess being self-employed has some advantages – no one to talk to during large parts of the day means less gossip!!

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