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Good Run and Good Deal

Things are looking up on the running front!  I know there is no way I will PR my half marathon in June, but my speed is slowly but surely improving.  I had a 7 mile group run this weekend and I feel good about my progress:)

5-16-2015Although it’s no where near my pace from 2012, I am confident I will get back there eventually:)  I just love the ladies in my running group.  Isn’t it great when you find a group of ladies that all get along and are positive and uplifting?  Although we don’t all run at the same pace and usually only start together, it’s nice to see eachother in the beginning and the end:)

group run 5-16-15

Missing a few of our ladies;)

After my run I headed to the pet store to find some new shoes for Rocky.  He has allergies and, even with allergy meds, he scratches constantly.  I have found that if he wears shoes on his back feet, his skin is protected from the scratching.  So, long story short, I found an amazing deal on shoes!  Regularly priced at $34.99, the shoes rang up at $8.77!  I couldn’t believe it!  They weren’t even marked as clearance which I thought was weird.  So, after I checked to make sure they fit Rocky, I headed back and bought the last 3 sets they had in stock:)  He should be set for a while now.

shoesFinding a great deal is one of my favorite things!

Last but not least, I finally put flowers in my outdoor pots and they look so pretty:)  My next plan is to plant veggies in our large planter area in our backyard.  But, I need to research when to plant and what to plant before I get started.  The only thing I have ever planted is tomatoes and they haven’t done so well the last couple of years:(

What is the last great deal you have found that excited you?  Do you have any experience with planting and growing veggies?  What is your favorite veggie/fruit to grow in your garden?

Have a great day and happy running!




  1. Great job on the run, glad things are improving, that always feels good!
    and yay for a great deal on doggie boots!

  2. Rocky is so cute in those shoes! I got my veggie garden halfway planted so far. Tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots are in. Cukes, squash and pumpkins still have to be planted. I mixed herbs and strawberries in with my flower planters this year.

  3. We are planting some flowers in our patio containers today, and I am so happy you found some great shoes for Rocky!

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