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Don’t You Hate it When…

I woke up this morning and had a couple things happen that inspired this post.  So here goes.  Don’t you hate it when…

1.  The weather gets warm all of a sudden.  You go to put on your shorts/tank and realize it’s been a while since you shaved;)  Happened this morning and I just hoped nobody looked at my legs!

2.  You have someone over and realize the next day that the dogs threw up in a room you don’t visit very often, but your recent guest did:/

3.  You find an awesome coupon or “rewards” coupon (Sports Authority) at the bottom of your purse and it’s EXPIRED!

4.  You find your favorite pair of running shoes at a big discount and of course they don’t have your size!

5.  You eat some Pepto Bismol chewable tablets after your run and then wake up the next morning with a black tongue and wonder “why the heck is my tongue all black?!”

6.  The weather is perfect to go for a hike, but you can’t find someone to go with you, and it’s not safe to go alone:(  Boo!  Hmmm maybe I should take my kids out of school so they can come with me;)

How about you?  Have you had one of these moments lately?  Fill in the blank, “Don’t you hate it when…?”

Have a great day and happy running!


  1. I hate it when I want to do something outside and it looks nice out but it is too windy to enjoy being outside.

  2. WTH’s with the black tongue???
    I hate when somebody who knows you’re a runner goes into this huge thing about how this guy went running, slipped on an embankment and ended up with a massive brain injury and nobody found him for 2 days because running is so dangerous, etc etc. but when you hear the story on the news, said ‘runner’ was seen staggering out of a bar drunk in the middle of the night before the incident happened.

  3. Oh my cats always do the incognito puking thing! Embarassing!

  4. Ah, that happened to me today with swimming… first bathing suit/swim day of the Summer season and yup, … but no one around so I went out in the pool anyway!

  5. courtney says:

    i HATE when i can’t find someone to hike with!

  6. I hate it when I eat sunflower seeds for 5 hours (a huge chunk of my drive home today) and then my tongue is totally numb from all the salt!

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